Mikayla’s Doctor Report – Originally Written December 9, 2008

I spoke with Mikayla’s GI doctor on the phone a couple weeks ago, at that time he felt that she wasn’t eating enough and therefore wasn’t gaining enough weight and he wanted to put in a feeding tube. We had an appointment with him this morning and fully expected him to want to put Mikayla on a feeding tube. Once he saw her, he was very impressed with how well she was developing overall. He felt her muscle tone had improved greatly, as well as her demeanor (which we are all thankful for). I don’t think he believed me when I told him she was starting to sit up. But, to humor me, he sat her up to see for himself. It was at that point that he said, “She’s really doing very well.”

I asked if he thought we would need to do a feeding tube and his response was, “Absolutely not.” And, not only does she NOT need a feeding tube, he is also going to redo her swallowing study next week to see if we can stop thickening her formula. AND, we are going to go ahead and begin transitioning her off of the special, expensive formula because he feels she may have already outgrown her protein allergy!!! He also said that changing her formula will probably help her reflux improve, and it will taste better so she’ll probably eat more…just a bonus!

Better news than we had even hoped for!!! Thank you all for your prayers. Mike and I are so thankful for this great report.


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