Changes… – Originally Written Fall of 2007

Since my last blog, life as I know it has changed forever…

The most drastic of these changes is the expectation of new life. Several weeks ago Mike and I discovered we are going to have a baby!!! Very exciting for both of us and our parents – who I feel were more anxious for this day than either of us. These first few weeks have been tiring to say the least. As of today, I have “gotten sick” (to put it discreetly) AT LEAST once every day for 5 weeks in a row. I emphasize “at least” because it is often more than that. While this is somewhat discouraging and it makes me tired just to think about, it is comforting to know that Baby Murphy is doing well. And, of course, the hope that this phase will pass with in the next 2 or 3 weeks makes it easier to bear. Aside from the nausea and being a tad bit emotional (though Mike may argue the “tad” part), Baby and I are doing great.

Our official due date is April 7, although we are all hoping for an early delivery. Dear, dear friends from Russia will be in the States until March 31 and we would all love the baby to be born while they are here. Sveta and my mother-in-law have threatened to make me walk often and if that doesn’t work, they are buying a trampoline.

We have been blessed to receive a crib, changing table and rocking chair at little cost to us. Being the planner that I am, they are all already assembled and ready to go. 🙂 I know I’m a bit ahead of schedule but I can’t help myself. We do still need to paint so if anyone wants to volunteer their services, just let us know.

The second drastic though-not-so-drastic-as-the-first change is my place of employment. I worked in the Admissions office at TTU for a little over a year and an opportunity came up to work for the Chattanooga Youth Network. CYN is a ministry that provides training, support and mentorship for youth pastors in the Chatt area. I am so thankful for this opportunity! I absolutely love the people I work with and I love being in a place that shares my passion for students/youth. It is exciting to be a part of a ministry where God is working in big ways and refreshing to be with people everyday that truly live for Him in all they do.

Although, the down side is that I miss my TTU family dearly. I truly believe that some of my strongest, closest, most loyal friendships were formed in my time at TTU and I miss building on those relationships on a daily basis. These past few weeks have definitely produced in me a new and deeper appreciation for those people that I consider to be close friends – both old and new.

My Father continues to show Himself merciful and gracious in spite of my sin and my shortcomings. And, I am thankful for the ways in which He is working in my life and in the lives of those around me.


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